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I'm Passionate About Helping You 

I am a patient, compassionate, non-judgmental therapist who understands struggle and uncertainty. I believe that people are generally doing their best, and that growth and change is often hard, uncomfortable, and scary.


I think that having someone help you navigate your path can be instrumental to moving forward through tough times or transitions. It also helps to receive objective feedback or be challenged when you're sticking to the comfort of your safety zone. 


I work best with people who are coming to therapy for the first time, who are unsure about whether they will benefit from therapy, or who are skeptical about therapy in general. I provide a relatable, non-judgmental therapeutic experience that allows you to feel comfortable sharing your inner thoughts, experiences, and frustrations. I help individuals recognize and break out of repetitive patterns in their relationships that are getting in the way of a happy and functional partnership. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques and straight forward language to help you learn new skills you can use when communicating and negotiating in your relationships.

I specialize in working with clients who struggle with codependent behaviors and attachment or relational trauma. I also have experience counseling clients with mood disorders and substance use issues, especially members of the hospitality and music industries. I find inspiration personally and professionally in the works of Brené Brown, Gabor Maté, and Thich Nhat Han.


I counsel individuals and groups. I respect everyone's individuality and do not discriminate against anyone I see. I work with clients over 18 years of age from all backgrounds, races, and gender and sexual preferences.


  • Years in Practice: 5 Years

  • Licensed Professional Counselor:  Louisiana  # 7192; Texas # 87603

  • Nationally Certified Counselor # 958042

  • Out-of-State Telehealth Provider: Florida # TPMC1275

  • Masters of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

    • Loyola University New Orleans

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