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Mountain scene cultivates a sense of loving-kindness through mindful self-discovery and self compassion.

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Mountain Range
elevate Your Spirit over six weeks
Loving-Kindness: A Journey of Mindfulness, Community, and Self-Discovery
This is your invitation to unlock a more balanced and resilient self in an empowering group setting.

Over six weeks, we will embark on a journey of mindful self-reflection and self-love through individual study & practice, and weekly group sessions & exercises. 

The support and mutual accountability within the group is designed to amplify your personal growth and success.

Our virtual meetings each last 90 minutes and start with 20 minutes of meditation to set a positive, relaxed tone.

For a total investment of only $300 you can join this enlightening and enriching experience.

Week 1

Foundations of Self-Compassion

Building the basics of self-love

Week 4

Exploring Difficult Emotions

Learning to understand and embrace your emotional spectrum

Week 2

Practicing Mindfulness

Attuning to the present moment with acceptance and non-judgment

Week 5

Living in Alignment

Aligning your actions, thoughts, and feelings with your core values

Week 3

Developing Loving-Kindness

Cultivating unconditional positive regard for yourself and others

Week 6

Navigating Challenging Relationships

Mastering the art of maintaining harmonious interactions

Mountain Range

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