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self compassion WORkgroup

Mountain Range
six weeks of mindful self compassion practice & Support in a group setting
MOndays 5:30pm-7pm CST
Beginning December 2022
This group is for people who'd like to increase their loving-kindness skills and practice, and those who could benefit from added community and accountability.

You will receive individual weekly journal prompts to complete on your own between sessions. In group we will practice mindfulness meditations and offer support and feedback for what's come up as you do your individual work. 

Groups meet via Zoom, run 90 minutes, and begin with a 20 minute guided meditation. 

Total cost is $300 

Week 1


Foundations of Self-Compassion

Week 4

Exploring Difficult Emotions

Week 2

Practicing Mindfulness

Week 5

Living in Alignment

Week 3

Developing Loving-Kindness

Week 6

Navigating Challenging Relationships

Mountain Range

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