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How this works

You're willing to give this a shot, but you want to know a little bit more about what we're going to talk about in session. Of course everyone is different, and different things work for different people, but there is a general path you can expect we will follow.



identify patterns

First thing's first, we spend some time filling me in on the important stuff that's happened to you in your life. We get to know each other a bit and set some targets to aim for.

Then, we talk about your relationships, and arguments or conversations that keep happening, but never seem to get resolved. We figure out the general patterns in these situations and try to determine where you are getting stuck.


sit in the sTuck

This part isn't much fun, but it's necessary. Once we identify where you're getting stuck, we try to figure out why. We might talk about other areas of your life, or past relationships where the "stuckness" popped up, or how it feels to be stuck. We dig in a bit here so that we know what tools you can use to get "unstuck".

Butterflies and Cactus


Mountain Wheat Field

stock your toolbox

Once we know where you're stuck we can try out different "tools" to help you do something differently. These might include: new ways ways of talking to your partner, learning to identify and set clearer boundaries, practicing grounding exercises, planning and organizational skill building, or a variety of other methods for relational repair and self care.


Practice & tweek

This is the trial and error point in therapy where you take the knowledge and tools you've gained in session and start using them in your day to day life and relationships. We keep meeting to talk about what's working and what isn't, and continue to help you practice and hone your skills until you're ready to go it alone!


All sessions are held online via a secure, HIPPA compliant video service​​

I charge $125 per session

I am currently licensed to see clients residing in Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida

I do not accept any insurance

Credit Card or Venmo payments only

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