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How this works

You're open to trying therapy, but understandably want more clarity on what our sessions will look like. While every individual is unique and requires a personalized plan, there is a standard path we generally follow. Here’s what you can expect in the work we do together.


Spiderwebs metephor for helping clients identifying patterns in their behavior. Co-dependent patterns, interpersonal patterns, people pleasing, negative self talk.

identify patterns

First things first - we spend some time discussing your significant life experiences, what's going on in your life now, and what results you're looking for. We get to know each other and set goals to work towards.

We also talk about your unwanted behaviors, challenging relationships, intrusive thoughts, or other struggles that seem recurring and unresolved. We hone in on the patterns or cycles in these situations to determine where you are getting 'stuck'.


sit in the sTuck

This part isn't much fun, but it's crucial. Once we identify where you're getting stuck, our next step is to understand the 'why'. We might discuss other areas of your life or reflect on past experiences where similar patterns of 'stuckness' showed up, analyzing the emotions tied to these moments.


We dig in a bit here so that we know what strategies and tools can help you move forward and break free from the cycles.

Cactus metephor for getting stuck in unwanted behaviors such as; difficulty saying 'no', netagive self talk, low self worth, relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression.


Wooden fence metephoer for finding the right tools that work for you. Attachment therapy, DBT, EMDR, IFS, Mindfulness, Self Compassion, Narrative therapy,

stock your toolbox

Once we've pinpointed what's really going on, we'll introduce a variety of 'tools' to help you reach your goals. From cultivating mindful communication and self-compassion to setting clear, empowering boundaries, or enhancing organizational skills. It's all about finding out what strategies resonate with you and which you can integrate into your life.


Practice & tweek

This is your time to take action! You’ll start applying your new tools and insights from our sessions into your daily life and relationships. We'll keep meeting, constantly refining and adjusting strategies based on what's working and what still needs tweaking. I’m with you every step of the way, offering support and encouragement, until you feel fully empowered and secure to move forward on your own!

Kayak metephor for finding balance and growth through practice. Using therapy to cultivate self compassion and non-judgmental awareness of triggers and unwanted behavior patterns and cycles.

All sessions are held online via a secure, HIPPA compliant video service​​

I charge $125 per session

I am currently licensed to see clients residing in Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida

I do not accept any insurance

Credit Card or Venmo payments only

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