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change is possible


Take the first step with a free 20 minute consultation

sound familiar?

You keep repeating the same behaviors and arguments over and over again, and you're starting to worry that things wont ever change.

You bottle up your true feelings and emotions until they come out in ways you regret.

You notice yourself withdrawing from, or lying to people close to you in order to avoid arguments.

You consistently feel like you're the “problem” in your relationship.

You feel like you aren't living up to your full potential, or that what you are doing is never ”good enough".

You're ready to feel better!

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I'm here to help

I am trained in helping people just like you gain the knowledge and skills that will improve your life and your relationship! I can relate to what you're going through and help you find your way through this struggle with clarity and confidence. 


I am not your "traditional" therapist; I'm a real person with real flaws just like the you. I know what it's like to make mistakes, feel lost and angry, struggle with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, and fight the little monster inside who tells us we "aren't good enough". 

I provide a 100% JUDGMENT FREE space! 

I know that doing this work alone can be grueling and discouraging. Having someone to help you navigate your path and point out roadblocks along the way can make the difference between lasting change and temporary relief. 

You take the wheel, I'll hold the map

Once you begin to recognize the patterns in your thoughts and behaviors, and see how they keep you stuck, it will become clearer and easier to see your path towards change. 


Feeling CONNECTED in your relationships


Feeling SATISFIED and PROUD of your efforts

Feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in your life and relationships



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Are you a good fit?

This IS for you IF...

  • You are motivated and ready to give therapy an honest try

  • You are willing to put in effort outside of session and "work" to better understand yourself and your patterns

  • You're sick of feeling stuck and ready to try something new

  • You are open to thinking in different ways and willing to make some changes

  • You have time and money to invest in yourself 

  • You have a reliable internet connection, and a smart phone or computer to attend sessions with

This IS NOT for you IF...

  • You want to be"in therapy", but you are unwilling to make any real changes in your behavior 

  • You aren't going to take this seriously

  • You have already decided that therapy wont work and you're only coming in to appease someone else

  • You are unwilling to accept constructive feedback

  • You only want to meet once or twice a month

  • You only want to see a therapist in-person* I have a limited number of in-person appointment openings in my New Orleans office

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so, What's STOPPING you?

You feel nervous telling a stranger about your "problems" don't even talk about them with your friends!

Rest assured, therapy is a confidential space...what's said in session stays in session.

Again, I will never judge you. I'm a therapist, not a referee!​​​

You feel embarrassed that you can't figure this out on your own. 

That feeling is perfectly normal and you're not alone!

But, we all need help's part of being human.​

You feel scared of dealing with stuff you've been avoiding for a long time.

It's true...sometimes therapy feels worse before it feels better.

But, just like scrubbing out a gnarly, infected wound, once it's clean it can heal.

And once it's healed, it will feel better.​


You're discouraged by other "failed" attempts to make a change.

This time can be different!

Remember, you'll have me riding shotgun and holding the map!​

You're worried you will be forced to talk about things you don't want to talk about.

It's not my job to force you to talk, therapy with me is voluntary. 


"The only person you are destine to become is the person you decide to be"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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