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Program details

Hi Everyone,


I am piloting a new 6-week online group program and want to offer it to you first as a current or former client. The purpose of this 6-week group will be a deep dive into Self-Compassion and Mindfulness. 


Because this first group is a “proof of concept” and I’m still honing the details, I am significantly reducing the cost. In exchange, I will ask for your honest feedback and evaluation of the material and your experience at the end of the program. I am also asking that those who sign up give their best effort to completing the entire program. 


Due to the nature of our current or past work together, some of the lessons or assignments might be a review of things we’ve already explored in session. I’m of the opinion that it is always helpful to revisit these topics and practices, and I think it can be incredibly useful to notice how your experience has changed over time. 


This program is not group therapy and is not intended as a substitute for therapy. For that reason, this group is open to people in any state or country.


6-Week Self-Compassion Program: 


The purpose of this group program is to take a deep dive into Self-Compassion and Mindfulness practices in a connected community setting in order to improve your life.

Research indicates that Self-Compassion is strongly associated with psychological well-being. Higher levels of Self-Compassion are linked to increased feelings of happiness, optimism, curiosity and connectedness, as well as decreased anxiety, depression, rumination and fear of failure. (​​


This workshop is intended to offer skills, practice, insight, accountability, and connection based on the fundamentals of self compassion and loving-kindness.


Intended For:

  • Those who have trouble carving out time, or committing to the practice of Self-Compassion or Meditation.

  • Those interested in gaining a greater self awareness.

  • Those wanting to live more fully in the present.

  • Those needing some extra motivation to show up for yourself throughout the week.

  • Those feeling a bit isolated and who could benefit from group participation and interpersonal interaction.



Meets weekly (most likely Monday or Thursday evenings 5:30 - 7pm CS)

Start date is Monday, Dec. 5th & running through Jan. 23 with 2 weeks off between Xmas & New Years

  • Each group begins with a 20 minute guided meditation 

  • Each group ends with a 10 minute mindful activity

  • 60 minutes of group dedicated to discussion around reactions, challenges, and insights relating to the weekly individual lessons

Group Capacity: Max 10 people



Each week you will receive an email “lesson” which includes:

  • A brief educational component (article, video, or audio) about that week’s topic.

  • A written assignment for you to complete individually (journal entry, worksheet, etc).

  • A practical challenge for you to complete individually.



  • The expectation is your best effort at fully participating in this class. 

  • By signing up participants are committing to showing up to each group, barring an unforeseen emergency or pre-planned & communicated absence. 

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to give all individual assignments a try.

  • Participants are committing to filling out all program evaluations with honest feedback.



  • Greater self trust.

  • Lower anxiety & depression.

  • Increased confidence.

  • Social skills practice.

  • Increased empathy, compassion, kindness, acceptance, and mindfulness. 


Commitment & Cost:

In addition to the 90 minute group commitment, I estimate the lesson & challenge will take about an hour a week. 

Total time commitment is around 2.5 hours per week.

Total cost is $300. 


Once again, email me or speak with me in session if you want to join or want more information. I’m also open to taking in a few non-clients if you want to forward this to a friend.



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